Concussion Management


It is estimated that 4-5 million concussions occur annually, making a concussion the most common type of traumatic brain injury.

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that changes the way your brain functions.  A majority of concussions do NOT result in a loss of consciousness, making diagnosis more challenging than previously thought.  A lot of concussions result by blunt trauma, or a blow to the head.

In children, the most common cause of concussions is sports, specifically contact sports such as football, soccer and hockey. In adults, motor vehicle accidents and falls are the most common causes of concussions.


There are several symptoms of a concussion. 

Physical symptoms:


-Vision problems

Cognitive symptoms:

-Feeling in a fog

-Visual perceptual challenges

Other symptoms:


-Sleep is affected

The multitude and variability of concussion symptoms make medical evaluation very important following a concussion.


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