How Do I Know If I Can Benefit From Vision Therapy?

Many patients can benefit from a vision therapy program. Good vision requires your eyesight, visual pathways, and brain to all work together. When they don't, even a person with 20/20 eyesight can experience difficulty reading, writing and processing information. If you have experienced any of the visual symptoms listed above, you should first have a comprehensive eye health examination. Your eye doctor may recommend that you schedule a vision therapy assessment. The initial assessment will be scheduled with our Developmental Optometrist, Dr. Rachelle Altstadt. She will perform a detailed sensorimotor and binocular vision assessment along with developmental tests to evaluate your visual system and processing skills. This is normally a 120-minute evaluation. Following completion of this initial assessment, you will schedule a 60-minute vision therapy consultation with Dr. Altstadt. During the consultation, Dr. Altstadt will provide you with a very detailed report that includes her findings and her specific vision therapy program for you.



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