Date: 24/02/2018
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Bob Costas and His Eye Infection

If you’ve been watching the winter Olympics, one of the most intriguing human interest stories has been NBC anchor Bob Costas and his eye infection. It started in his left eye and on the opening night, he expressed that “his doctors said it would be cleared up in 2-3 days.”  Unfortunately, not only did it not resolve in the left eye but, as is common with many eye infections, it moved to the right eye. With both eyes swollen, red, and light sensitive, Costas had to defer to Matt Lauer as a stand-in for his Olympic host duties.  

I’m not Bob Costas’s eye doctor so I can’t really tell you with clinical accuracy what Bob has. However, given the clinical course that Mr. Costas has experienced, it is likely he has a viral eye infection. We call this pink eye but  it is really a general term for a number of causes for eye infections. Many of these are contagious and may spread quickly through offices or schools.  

The most common type of eye infection in adults is viral. There may be no specific medication for a virus. Much like the common cold, it needs to run its course; however, we do have many treatments and therapies to make the patient more comfortable. One of the most contagious types of viral infections, which I suspect Mr. Costas has, is epidemic keratoconjunctivitis or EKC. EKC is caused by a specific type of adenovirus and is very contagious. It can range from causing mild symptoms to severe signs and symptoms. Mr. Costas will undoubtedly recover yet the timing of his eye infection was not so fortuitous. If you, have an eye infection, we’re here to help you. As far as a stand-in at your job, we’re going to leave that one up to you! 

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