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Is Caring Ap-parent?

In a previous blog, I was bragging on our doctors of whom I am particularly proud. There are two other people that I am particularly proud of and I want to share those thoughts with you here.  

My parents are Ron and Ann Kegarise. Many of you know them. It continues to amaze me how many people come in and say "I know your parents. How's your mom doing? Is your dad still painting?"  My parents have only lived in Franklin for 14 years but they seem imbedded in so many communities, whether at church, Fifty Forward center, or other organizations. They have a unique spirit and a way about them to engage and connect with people. My mom will say she's shy, but she can talk to anybody and, in fact, looks forward to group get-togethers. My dad would not consider himself shy, nor would anyone else; however, he has that unique balance of assertiveness without rudeness.

I've been fortunate to have a great wife, Susan, great kids, and to work with tremendously talented and great people, particularly at Cool Springs and Donelson EyeCare. While many people write stories of how they've had to overcome difficult childhoods, challenges to their health, or other problems, I'm humbled that I don't have a story like that. I only have the story of growing up with loving, compassionate parental guidance. My mom taught me to look at the other side of every situation because people have reasons for feeling the way that they do and those should be respected. My dad taught me persistence and creativity, and he continues to guide me in important management and leadership activities. There's not a time that I sit down with either of them that I don't learn something.  

If you enjoy the compassionate care that we strive to provide at each of our offices, then you would enjoy meeting my parents. They've set the benchmark for love in a marriage and how to interact and give back to people. If you don't know them, I hope you meet them one day. They're great people and I'm truly blessed. Why do I take this time in a blog to brag on my parents? Because they deserve it and because I can! 

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