Eye Diseases 


What is it?
A blockage or obstruction of blood leaving the eye through the main retinal vein. It results in internal bleeding and fluid buildup that can cause blurring or sudden loss of vision.

Who does it affect?
Vein obstructions can be due to a variety of causes. High blood pressure (treated and untreated), medication, anatomy or certain systemic conditions have all been identified as causes. Generally, this type of occlusion is more common in older patients.

How is it treated?
The first step is to try and identify the cause if one exists. We may suggest blood work, a physical or other testing if appropriate. Visual recovery depends on the level of loss, extent of damage and the ability of the eye to heal itself. healing generally takes months. Patients must be carefully monitored for secondary complications in the eye, arising from the obstruction. In some cases a yellow dye study or laser may prove helpful in the healing phase.


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