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Are there contact lenses for dry-eye patients?

There are a number of options – not just contact lenses but a number of treatments that can improve a dry-eyed person’s ability to wear contact lenses. They need a more hydrated lens, which makes daily disposable lenses an excellent option. Any surface deposit, you get a clean, healthy lens on the eye every day. So they tend to do much better. Other soft lens materials that improve wearability or decrease symptoms when contact is in the eye also need the right solutions. These are made to work with particular lens materials. Ten years ago all solutions worked with all types of soft lenses. Now only certain types work with certain lenses.

If we’re in the right lens material and they’re fit properly and you’re using the correct solution some people benefit from treatments to improve the baseline level of tears. We can use tear plugs, which effectively block the tear drain (in-office procedure, no pain, takes 5 minutes) and provides an increased lake level so the contact lens rides on a deeper level of tears and thus causes fewer symptoms of dryness.


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