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I hate the aftereffects of dilation. Why is it necessary and do I have options?

Yes, you have options. The reason we dilate pupils is so we can see inside the eye better. Historically we needed to do that so we had a good view of the retina. We’ve had Optomap since 2002, though, and it allows for a digital retinal image taken through a normal-sized pupil without drops. Optomap allows us to see the full extent of the retina, and you get to review that with us on a flat-panel monitor so you can see what we see.

There are cases where dilation is necessary, such as peripheral cataracts and certain retinal problems where we need more of a 3-D view. Routine dilation in a general comprehensive eye exam is not necessary. Unfortunately when we do have to dilate, the drops that make the pupil bigger freeze the focusing system. Lights are brighter because the pupil is bigger and we can’t focus, especially up close. Those drops last longer in brown-eyed patients than blue-eyed patients.

As always it’s best to talk to your doctor about whether Optomap is suitable for you, but in most cases it is.


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