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I have diabetes but my vision seems clear. Do I need to have my eyes examined or should I wait until I have a change in vision?

You need to have your eyes checked annually at a minimum if you have been diagnosed with diabetes. The changes that can cause a loss of vision with diabetes mostly have to do with swelling of the macula, and that’s not often perceived by the patient. You should check your swelling or any other changes in the blood vessels due to diabetes.

There are many early treatments with medicine or laser to reduce fluids and preserve vision. If we examine a patient who has loss of vision because of diabetes and fluid we can only stabilize it. Early diagnosis is critical to maintaining your vision.

The best thing patients can do to protect their vision is to keep their blood glucose under good control with their endocrinologist or regular physician. HbA1c is a measure of your average sugar over the preceding three months. That number is between 5 and 12, and there’s less progression of eye trouble when that number is less than 7.


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