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I have heard about contact lenses that can be fit to allow me to see without glasses. Do they work?

There are gas permeable lenses that we can fit in a certain manner to reduce a person’s prescription such that they can function without their glasses in many cases. Think about orthodontics for your teeth. Braces reform the dental structure to allow teeth to be straight. Certain types of lenses on an overnight basis work as a sort of retainer. You take them off in the morning and you can function without your glasses for the next 24-72 hours. Many people like the flexibility of going to bed with contact lenses and waking up not having to wear glasses.

There are a limited number of practitioners who work with gas permeable lenses and understand them well enough to do that. We are one of them.  Gas permeable lenses are a less expensive way to function without glasses or Lasik surgery.


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