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I have problems with my vision at the computer. What options are there to make it easier?

Most people who do a lot of computer work have eye strain. Keep your eyes well lubricated. Break every 30 minutes. Try not to stare. Blink.

Soft progressive contact lenses give a good field of vision. Another thing that really works well is computer lenses and glasses. Computer lenses are designed to give a large field of view and give focus or aim at the right distance for computer use while also allowing someone to read at close distance. Over-the-counter reading glasses are best designed when someone has equal trouble in both eyes. You can read with these but you have to move really close to see the computer screen. Computer lenses allow you to do both. They give you a reflection-free surface.

Sometimes we’re asked what kind of lighting can lessen eye strain. Incandescent lights work better than fluorescent lights because they have less glare. They’re best placed over your shoulder rather than shining straight down on your screen because that will cause fewer reflections.


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