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My eyes itch during allergy season. What do you recommend to help them?

There are some very good prescription drops and some good over-the-counter ones. They can really take care of the itch. Some are once or twice a day during even the acute phase of allergy. Sometimes go past antihistamine. Use steroid eye drops to minimize the burning and watery red feeling that are associated with allergic eye problems.

Systemic antihistamines do a good job of treating nasal and upper respiratory discomfort, but usually they do not have enough penetration into the ocular surface to help with an intense itch. If your eyes are really itchy, come see us.

It’s particularly important for kids. Some eye doctors believe untreated itchy eyes which lead to intense rubbing can lead to a weakening of the cornea. That can lead to keratoconus. There’s a higher rate of allergic eye complaints in people who have misshapen corneas.


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