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My son and daughter are really into sports. What can I do to help them play their best when it comes to vision?

People acknowledge that vision is important in any sport, but they overlook how our visual system can limit our play if it’s not working to its best.

At the fundamental level, make sure your prescription is corrected and basic muscle-balance and eye-health issues are addressed. The next level is what type of visual correction is best. Certain contact lenses are better for sports. Athletes have a higher level of correction needed. An astigmatism that someone else might not address might be something an athlete should have corrected. Athletes also need to consider whether they should have sports glasses or goggles, the right tinting, peripheral vision, safety protection, what can fit under a helmet, etc. They need someone who can connect the athletic needs with the eye needs.

The third level to help the athlete is to take the vision they have, their static sports vision, and give them exercises that through repetition can improve their baseline. We can improve peripheral awareness, motor skills, dynamic visual motor acuity. Can you be moving and jumping and still recognize a ball with letters on it, pick out the letters? That requires an enhanced visual system.

At Cool Springs EyeCare we understand that the athlete’s eyes work uniquely within a given sport. We can provide exercises and/or the right level of correction to help them excel.


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