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What should be included in a comprehensive eye examination?

Three main areas are covered: eye health, muscle balance and function, and the refractive state of your eye.

We will examine the front, back and middle of the eye, the internal structures, looking for cataracts, glaucoma, changes on the retina, problems with the cornea. Absence of vision problems does not mean that you don’t need an eye exam.

We’ll check your muscle balance and function with a battery of tests. How do your eyes focus, align, transition from near to far and far to near. We’ll also check your depth perception and color vision.

The refractive state refers to whether you’re nearsighted or farsighted.

One of the neatest advances is the ability to do a very comprehensive exam without needing to use eye drops. We can check eye pressure without that familiar air puff and we can scan your retina without dilation and its aftereffects.


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