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Why are some progressive (or no-line) bifocals better than others?

It’s a general category, like when we talk about tennis shoes. Sometimes you might be better off with Nike, or Reebok, or adidas. Some very low cost progressive lenses are poor performing, but there are many that are very advanced and offer a lot of visual advantages. In general, better progressives make it so much better to adapt to and function. Almost 98 percent of people who need help with loss of near vision can adapt well to progressive lenses. We use higher-quality technology to make it easier. Higher-quality characteristics are good distance vision without distortion to the sides,  a large reading area, and a good-sized middle channel that allows for good width of focus on the computer. It’s important in any particular part of progressives that you have them sized effectively. If the transition zone from far away to up close is set too far away you don’t get the full benefit of the reading zone. Zeiss technology measures head and eye position to make sure they’re centered correctly. We have very experienced opticians who understand how to measure and how each progressive works to make them the best fit for your particular visual needs.


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